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What Our Clients Are Saying

We are absolutely delighted to have received following testimonials:

Mrs. Wee

As a first-time buyer, Kelvin was very patient with me in explaining the entire process to me and clarifying my doubts. He shows a high level of understanding with a
genuine interest in going the extra mile and serving the customer's best interest.
Highly recommend to friends who are considering overseas properties. My sincere
thanks to Kelvin for guiding me through this journey!
Daniel Chan

Lay Ping and Kelvin from AAM Realty are very trustworthy and service oriented also after the sales transaction. I can only recommend them as they stand out among the many sales agents marketing Australian properties in Singapore.

I’m Mrs Wee from Singapore. In 2013, I bought a Habitat apartment at Southbank, Melbourne via AAM Realty International Pte Ltd. 

Thus far, I can fully testify that Miss Lim Lay Ping (AAM Realty International Pte Ltd) has provided me with nothing but the best service from the very start of my property purchase up till today. 

I can always count on her to give me honest professional advice regarding my investment property. She also never hesitates to go that extra mile in assisting me. 

I’m very grateful for her incredible service, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to work with her. You can trust that she will always have your best interests at heart.

Mrs Wee

Thank you for introducing a wonderful property. Kelvin and Lay Ping assisted me in all aspects of property purchase until property was leased. It was truly an impressive experience dealing with AAM.
M. Ling

Very impressive to know the team like Kelvin & Lay Ping, besides their professionalism & knowledge on Australian property, they are also very helpful & genuine. This is the team that I can trust & I am confident to have a long term relationship with them. Keep up the good rapport.
Wita K.

This is the first overseas property investment and I am so glad to be served by you. From the moment of our tele-conversation, I was already impressed with your introduction and professionalism. Within minutes I decided to go for it and signed on the dotted line the very next day!

Imagine buying an A$500K property with just a phone call? Who would believe it?

Great job! Keep up the good work!

Dave L.

Feel so grateful to connect with amazing agents like Kelvin & Lay Ping in assisting me to choose the right asset in Australia. They are so responsive & knowledgeable. I am definetly looking forward for a long term relationship with them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kelvin for getting my first Australian property deal done in quick time. Being a first time investor in Australia, Kelvin provided much information and insights that helped me take the plunge. His supporting services including the legal and mortgage team are some of the services that will make the life of an overseas investor easier. It was a pleasure dealing with Kelvin as he was extremely professional, aside from being very genuine and helpful as well. It was easy dealing with him because being an investor himself too, we share similar aspirations, investments approach and also a common faith. I would highly recommend his company to anyone interested in building an Australian property portfolio.
K. Lim TZ

I have found you to be very professional and efficient and would enjoy working with you again.
Josh B.

I would like to extend my appreciation to AAM for providing valuable advice and helping me to select the ideal apartment in Melbourne according to my budget and other requirements. I believe that your professionalism and expertise will help other investors make sound decisions on their investment portfolio. Once again, a big thanks to AAM!
B. Lim

…we went away very well educated and informed about property investment in Australia. We will certainly through “the word of mouth” highlight to our friends of your competence and experience.
Joe C.

Plus point with you and Lay Ping. Trust. Unlike many others who are just keen on hard sell and who don’t even bother with providing further info. Have come across so many. Well done to both of you.
C Leong

The seminar is very informative and it covered a lot which I think I have gained a lot. It was really awesome. Thanks for organizing it and let me be part of it.
A Cheah.

Thanks a lot Kelvin! We are very blessed with such a responsible agent like you. Saved us a lot of headache!
Dr Tan WS

Today after the completion of my purchase she is still helpful and attentive to my queries pertaining to other Australian property matters that as a foreigner I am not quite familiar with.
J Wee

Just a short note of thanks to Kelvin and Lay Ping for helping us in our first investment in Australian property. Their professional, friendly, courteous and sincere service makes us more confident and has no doubt dealing with them. From the beginning we knew that we had made the right decision in trusting them to invest in our first Australian property. Kelvin and Lay Ping, people you CAN trust…
Sam & Alicia

…an amazing and trusting team…

… most professional agent (Australia property) that I have met…
S Cai

…Investing in Australia is hassle free when you work with professionals like Kelvin and Lay Ping. I am confident of the team and look forward to a long term relationship with them.
Sim S C

…thank you and congratulate you for your excellent presentation…
Mrs Ong P W

…best seminar I attended…
Wang Q

Thanks, Lay Ping, again for your unwavering support. It goes to show that an overseas property purchase must be supported by a reliable estate agency. My engagements with AAM have indeed been a good one.
Terence G

 I purchased my first Australian property in my late 20s. As you can imagine, this is so difficult considering the remote purchase and the unfamiliarity of the regulations. 
However, I am very grateful for Kelvin and his team, who have guided us every single step of our journey. They are always more than willing to share their expertise and contacts (lawyer, accountant, etc), and make you feel at ease with your purchase. 
For anyone who is purchasing your first overseas property, I strongly recommend Kelvin and his team, as the guidance is at every single milestone, and their post-purchase servicing is superb.
At the end of your journey, you will not only secure a good investment, but also a good friend in Kelvin and Lay Ping. Sincere thanks to both of them.
Daniel Poon

Lay Ping, we are marvelled at the great extend you will do for a client and watching over every details and guiding us throughout this whole settlement process.
Sabrina M

I am glad that we were able to execute the viewing and sale completion with people I trust!


Thanks for your advice which we always trust

Yang M L

I’m so surprised we managed to squeeze in the settlement in time! Lay Ping, you are so amazing! What would I do without you! Thank you so much…
Lau T T

I am glad I selected you as my agent. You really did a good job and I am speaking the truth.
E. Ng

Conscious that I am always in good hands with you and Kelvin / AAM. Quite sure that other firms will
not provide this same level of continuing support. Most thankful as always.
Dr C Leong

… a great property advisor, learned a lot from you…
Dr Khor

…Lay Ping (your representative here in Singapore) has been very helpful and instrumental in keeping us up-to-date on where we need to be in our investment process.
KR, V.

… has been instrumental in helping us to find our dream home. He acted with great professionalism, courtesy and has service with a smile.
Mr C Chow and Ms Cheng H Y

Last but not the least, I am impressed with the service level AAM Realty provides to maintain excellent customer relationship with existing customers. I bought my lovely unit few years back and I am glad that you still invited me for enlightening seminars like these with complementary. You guys rock!

Being first timer investing in Australia, we had nothing but positive experience with AAM. From the presentation of the prospective development all the way till settlement, AAM was there to guide us through it all. We were really lucky to have AAM realized our hassle free journey and would recommend AAM to any serious investors.
Mr & Mrs Chow

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kelvin for the exceptional service and advice during my search for an investment property in Australia. I was very impressed by his swift response, efficiency and professionalism in helping me decide on my first investment property in Australia. Through the meeting with Kelvin, I have found that he is very sensitive and knowledgeable to the needs of an overseas investor. Kelvin’s passion in real estate and his years of knowledge in Australia’s property market has been an invaluable asset for AAM Realty International Pte Ltd. I am very glad to have known Kelvin and would highly recommend his service to people who wish to purchase properties in Australia. Thank you once again for all your hard work and I wish you success in the future.
Low AL

…knowledgeable and sincere in her approach unlike all gurus I know. Many gurus are loud and aggressive and boastful. My gut feel is Miss Lim is honourable and able to give very good advice to Australian property investors. Cheers.
Mr Tan CP

A BIG Thank You for getting to know you and my investment in Flemington, ONLY. Along this investment journey you have given me lots of assistances/advices. Best wishes and many more success in future.
A Chua & A Seow

As this is our first overseas property purchase, we have a lot of questions and concerns by human nature. Kelvin Kang is a trusted person with a strong warm heart to eliminate our doubts. Not just only to sell the property to customer, he provided and introduced a comprehensive network service to complete the entire purchase process. We feel much easier to have a business with him compared to some aggressive salesmen. We sincerely hope Kelvin Kang will keep maintaining and providing such an excellent service.
Guo YC.

It has been a very informative and fruitful seminar.
TH Yek

Kelvin & Lay Ping are very experienced in the area of Australia property investments. They are professional yet personal, meticulous yet efficient. They help me see possibilities instead of problems. They selflessly impart their knowledge to potential investors and newbies like myself. It is comforting to know that they have pledged to see me all the way through to the final property acquisition. I am looking forward to more opportunities of interaction with them.
J. Lim

Thanks very much for the excellent service you rendered so far. I am impressed with your committed service.
Ann T.

Thank you for your seminar which was informative and gave us an insight into the Australian property market.
PL Wong

Their exclusive service and brilliant advice have made our dream of owning a second property comes true. They impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for.
Adrian & Annie

…You stand way up above others in keeping client confidentiality and exercising ethical business practices…

Thank you Kelvin. The talk was very informative and balance.
Dr Choo

Just want to say thanks for all the help you offered with the apartment purchase. You have provided a lot of help since we are first time owner of Australian property.
Nancy L

I have known Kelvin since the pre-pandemic days.
Let me share my heartfelt experience in my overseas property purchasing.
Getting an overseas property can be daunting, especially when you’re
physically not there and during the pandemic border closure.
But you can count on Kelvin to make a huge difference as he has
professionalism and sincerity which have been demonstrated beyond the value
of a property you can buy.
Kelvin has all the knowledge of the overseas real estate industry which is so
crucial for the locals to understand.
I definitely will recommend him strongly to friends who are keen to explore
overseas property purchases in this post-pandemic era.
My Heartfelt Thanks to Kelvin, a very sincere and kind property consultant I
have encountered.

Dr Choo CT

Your presentation is clear, concise and sincere. It is among the best presentation I attended for overseas properties. Cheers.
Victor L.

Thanks for all the information & helping us to make an informed decision. We enjoyed working with you.
R. Lau

Feel so grateful to connect with amazing agents like Kelvin & Lay Ping in assisting me to choose the right asset in Australia. They are so responsive & knowledgeable. I am definitely looking forward to a long term relationship with them.
K. S.

The service that I have received from AAM has been incredible. They have been quick to respond to all my queries and doubts. Mr Kang and Lay Ping, have shared an abundance of information with regards to property in Perth which has helped a beginner like me to understand everything there is to know about Perth real estate. I have to thank AAM Realty for making my first property purchase in Perth so easy and enjoyable. I look forward to buying my next property with them. I highly recommend AAM Realty for anyone who is interested in Perth real estate.
C Tan & M Tan

It’s been so helpful of you. Thanks so much for your patience and being so responsive to our every request. Hope we can meet again one day for lunch. Look forward. :)
R. Wong

And both Kelvin and Lay Ping were very willing to share information and understand my investment requirements. It was not like other similar seminars; they were not simply sales people who were out to sell me properties which may or may not be suitable for me!
B. Toh BN

Thank you for your wonderful service. I find your company and team to be very sincere, trustworthy and provide good after-sale service. I have full confidence to recommend my friends to your company for their Melbourne property advices.
Mark L

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did & for making the experience of buying our apartment, the Chiara at South Yarra a pleasurable one. From the start you made us feel at ease & kept us informed through every step. The honesty, professionalism & advice you gave us was greatly appreciated. I would recommend him to anyone I knew who wanted to purchase, or sell a home.
R Soh

Of course, you and Kelvin are of different category. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness in serving our case.
K Ow

It was very well done and I’m sure the rest of the audience would feel the same.
Mr Cheung

Kelvin and Lay Ping are very professional and knowledgeable on Australian property, and also very sincere, helpful – someone you can trust. I’m very happy that I made an investment with AAM.
V Song

…The couple works together to extend very personal service, sometimes going beyond their duties as property agents. They have provided us with good advice while patiently listening to our concerns and requirements of the location and type of property…
T & P Leong

…We appreciate the quick responses and attention that the both of you have rendered us in our first foray into property investing in Australia…
D & R

…it was the genuine and sincere service that impressed and drew us to make a decision to purchase the property from you.
Mr Tan W H

…it is great to deal with your company.
Mr Tan K H

My experience with … has been very positive. He is very helpful and is very prompt in providing assistance whenever I required it. I have no doubt that Kelvin will be a capable partner to those looking to sell or buy a property.
Ms Shirley Tan

… has been a wonderful help when I sold my old place and bought my current place through him. He has been honest, sincere, enthusiastic and gets the job done!
Mr Adrian Chan P E

… is an incredibly responsive and responsible agent. Within a few short days of me indicating the type of property I was interested in, he took me to the exact type of property I wanted. He understood my requirements and executed my property purchase without a hitch.
Mr Jared Kok C Y

… is a very thoughtful agent. He’s very efficient in getting our requests communicated and maintains good after sales service too. Will definitely recommend!
Josiah and Jane

It is our first Melbourne overseas property through AAM. We are confident and assured to make this purchase based on the hands-on investor’s experiences, knowledge, trust, integrity, commitment and professionalism of the AAM dedicated team.
Mr & Mrs Chow

Buying properties is the dream of many Singaporeans. I decided that maybe it’s time to look for overseas properties at Melbourne, Australia, which I did in 2013. I chanced upon an exhibition at Pan Pac Singapore then and Adeline was then handling my enquiry. I was totally clueless how the whole foreign properties process works.

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